Postbox Email Client 25% Off This Week

Windows/Mac: Despite the death of Thunderbird, desktop email clients are still a great way to manage your overflowing inbox. One of our favourite desktop clients, Postbox, is on sale this week for 25% off.

Postbox, for those that don't know, is like Thunderbird on steroids: it has integrated support for Gmail labels, a customisable favourites bar, canned responses, integration with your operating system, and an address book that links up with your social networks to keep contact info up to date. It also has advanced search features and attachment organisation, which is awesome if you frequently have to dig through your archive.

The best part? It's only $US7.50 this week, so if you've been thinking about trying a desktop client, now's a great time to check it out. Hit the link below to get the deal.

Postbox 3.0 Sale [via @Postbox]


    Can we stop this ridiculous idea that thunderbird is dead? All that has happened is official developer time for new features has been decreased, still will have stability patches, and it still is open source, so the community can still add features. In fact there is work on a new address book in progress. (also the gawker comment systems won't load for me so can't comment over there)

    Yeah, seems strange that since Thunderbird "died" they've added chat and a bunch of other features.

    That said Postbox looks nice, but I can't think of a good reason why I'd pay for it.

    "death of Thunderbird" ... Stops reading. Bye Whitson

    Don't you love how the rip Thunderbird's codebase (which they can do under MPL mind you), don't contribute any oatches upstream, don't contribute financially, then have the audacity to slag Thunderbird as being 'dead' to win customers. stay classy.

      that was the author. Postbox didn't say anything of the sort, that I can see?

          They still don't say anything of the kind on their site. They point to the then "recent Thunderbird announcement" and link to published articles (again, THEY were the ones calling TB 'dead'). No "slagging" at all.
          Over emotional Thunderbird user?????

          the only instance of the word 'dead' is 'drop-dead gorgeous'.

          What are you going on about, Simon?

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