Our Mobile Phones Are Merely Highly Evolved Tools For Locating Good Coffee

At least, that's what this infographic from Roamz would suggest. The Aussie-developed mobile tool for finding neat stuff near you added a search facility in its most recent update, and the most popular search term turns out to be coffee.

Check the infographic below for more search data. I like the idea of searching for a "bag of money", but I doubt it's going to work.


    my iphone has suggested many a terrible coffee unfortunately :(

    of course there's more searches in sydney than melbourne.. because you can't find a good coffee there! in melbourne we know where to go...

    Maybe more people searched for coffee in Sydney than in Melbourne (this is what is implied, right?) is that in Melbourne you can get a decentish cup of coffee pretty much anywhere, and people tend to have their regular spots. No need to search for it.

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