NewsBee Puts RSS Feeds In Your Mac’s Menubar

NewsBee Puts RSS Feeds In Your Mac’s Menubar

Mac: Want to track a handful of useful RSS feeds? NewsBee puts them in your menubar, making it easy to view them and see article previews.

NewsBee is a great option if you just want to dip in and out of specific RSS feeds without spending a lot of time catching up. Add the feeds that are most important to you, and the app lets you select and view their recent stories by clicking on the menubar. If you enable pop-over previews, highlighting an article in the list will display a preview at the side.

You can add multiple feeds, but NewsBee only shows you one at a time, so you don’t spend hours reading all the news from all of your subscriptions. The app is $2.99 in the Mac App Store.

NewsBee – A Minimalist RSS Reader for Mac OSX [Jamie Grove]

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