Moshtix Adds Support For Passbook Tickets

Australian companies supporting the Passbook ticket manager feature in iOS 6 aren't exactly thick on the ground, so every addition is welcome. Ticketing site Moshtix is adding support for Passbook, meaning you can store your concert tickets on your iPhone rather than having to print a PDF.

Moshtix has previously offered tickets via mobile barcodes, so the addition of Passbook isn't surprising. It would be good to see the top-tier ticket vendors (Ticketek and Ticketmaster) join in, though sadly I suspect we'll still get charged ridiculous booking fees no matter what format our tickets come in. Update: Commenter Andrew points out that Ticketek does support Passbook, though only at venues which already accept SMS ticketing.



    It was ticketmaster recently (not here I think) that got done for charging it's customers for printing out their tickets at home.. So yeah they'll try and get a fee on you anywhere possible.

    Ticketek have had it shortly after ios6 launch - because they too do SMS ticketing. It is limited to venues that can accept it though. See

    Just a side note, I've been using moshtix for years and they're one of the better ticketing companies. They don't charge a huge booking fee like ticketek.

    It's great to see companies finally moving across, although I would like to use Passbook for something like Movie Tickets and Public Transport, something that one would use more often.

    I feel like passbooks has the potential to be big, it's just a matter of what companies allow it. Sometimes I like having physical tickets (mainly season membership cards) but sometimes I would like to have everything on my phone. Once I finally get around to upgrading iOS6 and more companies start using this, I'll give it a shot

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