Minilogs Turns Your Media Links Into Playlists

If you listen to or watch a lot of media online, it's hard to keep track of them all. Minilogs is a simple but incredibly useful bookmarking service that turns all your favourite media into playlists.

Minilogs works in essentially the same as services like Pocket or Instapaper, but is tuned specifically towards media. All you have to do is drop a link into Minilogs, and it's automatically added to a playlist.

If that's too much work, you can also instantly add links with the Minilogs Chrome extension. When your playlist is complete, you can share the link with friends or save it permanently for your own enjoyment. You can also add non-media links into the mix to create a full-blown, multimedia playlist with different types of content.

Minilogs [via The Next Web]


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