Microsoft Cuts Australian Xbox 360 Pricing

The only truly new console we'll see this year is the Wii U at the end of November, but that's enough to drive price cuts. From tomorrow, Microsoft will cut the official pricing on its Xbox 360 hardware.

The basic 4GB Xbox 360 falls to $199 (down $50); a bundle including the Kinect is $299 (down $100); and the 250GB model is $299 (down $150). There are also price cuts for the standalone Kinect (now $149, down $50) and "limited edition" consoles (now $399, down $50).

As ever, most retailers will slightly undercut the RRP or offer their own bundles with other hardware and games. The pricing puts $150 between the basic Xbox 360 and the entry-level Wii U.


    $199 - that's a pretty good price. The first Xbox was $499 - first 360 was $299 I believe.

      Although 4GB is not enough so you'd need to spend more.

        Not enough? With cloud saves available?

        Unless you plan on installing games. In which case, get a PC.

          Definitely not enough when you factor in DLCs, addons and any updates for MP games.

          "Unless you plan on installing games. In which case, get a PC."

          You're joking, right? Because it's fun sitting through slow loading times and windtunnel drive noise? You'd have to be utterly moronic to skip installations for a game you're going to play for more than a couple of hours.

      The first Xbox was $675 if i remember rightly, which got reduced to $499 soon after launch because of Sony dropping the price of the PS2. People like me that bought the xbox at launch got two games and a controller to make up for paying the launch price.

    The 4GB is for casual gamers, like me and it is more than enough.

    Can you upgrade the basic with off the shelf SATA drives?

      No you can't, you have to buy separately. Good priced places to buy the HDD from are or takes 3 weeks but I have never missed a shipment I ordered. Also at the price they seel buy the 4Gb model and a 320Gb HDD and you will have a few $$$ to buy a coffee. With the bonus of 4Gb+70Gb of storage.

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