Make A Pet Gate For Your Stairs

If you want to keep a pet from going up your stairs, you can certainly buy a commercial pet gate. But for a fraction of the price, you can assemble a rectangle using PVC and cover it with fabric.

Household weblog Sew Many Ways covers making this pet gate after the author's dog could no longer safely make it up the stairs. All that was needed was making a rectangle out of PVC pipe and elbow joints, and then covering that with whatever inexpensive fabric matches your home. You could also use this for a temporary baby gate, but I'd look for a more secure way to attach the gate to your stairs in that case.

Tool Time Tuesday: PVC Dog Gate and Stair Baskets Too! [Sew Many Ways]


    The problem is that this gate is specific to that kind of staircase in that particular home. If I was to put this staircase in my apartment it would A) fall over since there's no floor banister, and B) the cat would climb the stairs anyway since there's wide gaps between the other poles.

    Solution? I just lie a cardboard box that a painting shipped in (approx 150x50mm) flat on the stairs. I can step over it. Pet can't. Total cost and effort? $0/0

      Beeawwb's idea makes perfect sense and makes David's post even more so a COPY-PASTE article. Most pets you are going to try and prohibit from going up stairs isn't going to have the traction required to get up a sloping piece of cardboard if setup well. When you need to get past, simply pick it up. Nice one B!

    Would need to be 6 foot high to stop my dog...

    In that situation, wouldnt an ironing board do the same job but also have the added advantage of still being useful when its not mildly hindring your dog's progress upstairs?

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