Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted good headphones, exercise motivation and magazines on Google Play. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Five Best Headphones
    When it comes to headphones, “best” is definitely a subjective term. There are many considerations: price, comfort, audio quality, noise cancellation, frequency response, bang for buck, the list goes on. Even so, when we asked you which headphones you thought stood out from the crowd in all of those areas, you had some clear choices.
  2. How To Motivate Yourself Into An Exercise Routine You’ll Actually Stick To
    If getting active and staying healthy were easy, everyone would do it… but we don’t. We come home after a long day of sitting in a chair to de-stress by sitting in another chair, unable to summon the energy to take a walk or hit the gym. Sure, everyone says to “make time for what’s important to you”, but oversimplification doesn’t make the struggle easier. Let’s break down the mental walls keeping you from taking care of yourself.
  3. How To Quickly Check For Card Skimmers On ATMs
    ATM card skimmers come in a variety of forms. NPR talked with an ATM technician to figure out the most common ways to spot skimmers, and it turns out you really just need to jiggle the equipment a little.
  4. How To Win Over Someone Who Doesn’t Like You
    Does your co-worker scowl every time you walk by? Is that guy in your networking group consistently aloof? Sometimes, for no clear reason, someone may decide they dislike you — and if you want a more comfortable work environment, it’s up to you to change the dynamic. So what can you do to disarm a cranky colleague?
  5. Telstra First Bust Under The New TCP Code
    The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code came into effect from September 1. The first of its really helpful features for consumers won’t kick in until late October, but its mere existence means one provider has already been ordered to comply with the code: Telstra.
  6. Google Opens Up Google Play Magazines To Australia
    We griped and moaned when we heard that Google wouldn’t offer magazines to Australians via Google Play at the launch of the Nexus 7. Our gripes and moans have been banished today, however, as Google announced the availability of Google Play magazines for Australia. What’s the selection like?
  7. The Science Of The Perfect Nap
    According to a growing body of research, napping is a smart thing to do. It can help refresh the mind, make you more creative, boost your intelligence, and even help you live a longer, healthier life. It’s slowly gaining acceptance as part of a healthy lifestyle, even in some corporate offices. Read on as we share the science behind the need to nap, and a scientist-approved method for taking the ideal snooze.
  8. How To Turn Your Phone Into A Mind-Reading Personal Assistant
    Smartphones are actually pretty dumb. They can only do what you tell them to do, and manually entering information gets tedious. But you can make your phone smarter and turn it into a mind-reading personal assistant that informs you of important information as you need it, such as traffic information or shopping reminders, and even send text messages for you automatically. Here’s how to do it.
  9. Ask LH: Why Doesn’t My New Hard Drive Show The Right Amount Of Space?
    Dear Lifehacker, I just bought a new 1TB external drive, but my computer is only showing that it has 902GB on it! What’s the deal? Am I getting scammed out of 100GB?
  10. Instant Noodles Are Not Killing You With Wax
    A friend tried to warn me off eating instant noodles recently. “They have wax added and it can build up and give you cancer,” he claimed earnestly. That sounded like highly dubious internet folklore, and it didn’t take much research to confirm that.


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