Last Time Reminds You Of Important, Recurring Tasks

Last Time Reminds You Of Important, Recurring Tasks

iOS: When was the last time you called your parents, went to the supermarket, exercised or reinvented your music career? Last Time is a different sort of task manager that remembers when you last completed an important task. It doesn’t bug you to do things; it simply reminds you how much time has passed since the previous occurrence so you can nag yourself.

Last Time is pretty intuitive, but it will teach you how it works when you launch it for the first time anyway. You add tasks you want to do regularly, assign a related icon, and watch them pop up in your list. When you complete any task, just tap it in the list and then tap the checkmark. Your counter will reset to zero days and you can enjoy the fact that you’re not falling behind.

What’s also pretty neat is that you can see the history of any task by tapping on the arrow beside its name. It’s one thing to stay on top of a task in the short term, but over time you can be inconsistent. If you want to measure your progress, you can through your task history.

At $1.99, Last Time is more expensive than some other to-do apps, but it’s really solid. The app is attractive, easy to use and offers a novel way to get regular tasks done.

Last Time ($1.99) [iTunes App Store]

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