Keep Your Labelling Pen Inside Your Freezer

Keep Your Labelling Pen Inside Your Freezer

If you’re storing food in the freezer, it makes sense to label the contents and note the date. To ensure you can do that easily, keep a pen inside the freezer itself.

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I always have a few pens on top of my fridge/freezer for shopping lists and food labelling, but making sure those stay in in place is easier for me because I live alone. As ABC 702 morning host Linda Mottram noted the other day (right before I popped onto her show to discuss alternate messaging apps, you may need a different approach if you have a family:

I keep my marker pen in the freezer, because if I keep it next to the freezer, the kid grabs it.

Having experimented with different pens, Linda suggests a permanent marker works better than a cheaper pen, which will tend to stop working after extended periods of freezing. Worth adopting, especially if your freezer is filled with mysterious glacial objects.


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