‘Jesus’ And ‘Ninja’ Are Terrible Passwords

‘Jesus’ And ‘Ninja’ Are Terrible Passwords

Lists of commonly-used passwords invariably turn up the same suspects: ‘password’, ‘123456’ and ‘iloveyou’. A list of frequently-used passwords compiled by security software developer SplashData includes those perennial insecure favourites, but adds some unexpected extras, including ‘jesus’ and ‘ninja’.

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If you put your faith in ‘jesus’ being a good password, you’re likely to be disappointed. It fails all the basic requirements: it’s a common dictionary word, has no capital letters, numbers or symbols, and is just five characters long.

To avoid that kind of error, check out our list of the most common password mistakes.

SplashData [via NBC News]


  • My absolute favourite password faux pas was back in the late 90’s when I was surfing around on the relatively-naive Interwebs and came across the MENSA Australia website (you know – the brainiacs to surpass all other brainiacs).

    Their site included the usual predictable “we’re so awesome … members must have IQ higher than the 98th percentile of the population” rhetoric and narcissistic arrogance.

    They had an “admin” section link on their homepage … from which you could enter a username and password to access their most sacred management/committee information and minutes from meetings etc (as memory serves me).

    So – what was the username and password ?

    Username: mensa
    Password: mensa

    I squeeled like a kindy kid on red cordial for an hour!! Seriously. Tears were rolling down my face.

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