Is Virgin Mobile's Bonus 1GB Offer Good Value?

Virgin Mobile is running what sounds like a reasonable promotion: an extra 1GB of data a month on a handful of contract plans for Samsung phones. More data is clearly better than less, but there are potentially still cheaper ways and more flexible ways of getting to the same goal.

The promotion runs until November 30, and covers three handsets, all on 24-month contracts. Here's what you get on each plan:

  Galaxy S II Galaxy S III Galaxy S III 4G
Plan cost $29.00 $59.00 $59.00
Handset cost $5.00 $0.00 $7.00
Total cost $816.00 $1,416.00 $1,584.00
Data (MB) 1250 4000 4000
2-min call cost $2.38 $2.38 $2.38
# of 2-min calls 189 294 294
Text $0.28 $0.28 $0.28
Data/MB $0.03 $0.03 $0.03

The additional data certainly makes the cheapest plan look considerably more tolerable than its regular version, which has just 250MB of data. However, as with any contract plan, you'll be locked in.

Consider the $59 deal for the S III. If you signed up for a $39.90 no-contract deal with Amaysim, you'd get unlimited calls and the same amount of data for $20 a month less. That would leave you with the equivalent of $480 or so to spend. The Galaxy S III hasn't quite reached that price point yet for outright purchases, but it's getting closer every day.

Bottom line? For contract deals, these aren't terrible prices, but contract deals aren't for everyone.

Virgin Mobile


    Does Amaysim even have a 4G network yet?

      As with almost all services that use the Optus network (virgin, amaysim, dodo, etc); they will not have access to the Optus 4G network for a while; exept virgin.

    Kogan is selling SIII from $499... going with Amaysim would mean no-contract and Unlimited calls/texts!

    Anyone figured out the APN settings for MMS with Amaysim? because they haven't...

      Who still uses MMS? Why not just send it as an email?

        I'm happy to send email, It's the receiving that's a problem - I'm getting pretty bored of replying to blank MMSs with "that didn't work, please send via email". Also, any sms longer than 3x160 or whatever it is, gets sent as an MMS. Also v-cards (which have other problems, but people still send them)

    Virgin are alright as long as you don't need to call their contact centre.... they do have a dodgy setup with going over your plan (or "cap") - they wont' tell you that you've exceeded your monthly maximum call / data usage until you've gone several hundred dollars over... and in doing this they pretend it's as a favour to you - so be careful of this if you're a customer from another carrier who is considering signing up!

      They offer the opportunity to check your usage at any time on their website, be it data or call/text credit, so yeah - they are doing you a favour. In the end, the onus is on you to keep track of your usage.

    Amaysims 40/month is just under 1k for 2 years. Phone cost about 600 new. Sure you get more data and unlimited calls but you also pay slightly more plus the initial outlay. Virgin is really good if your whole family is on it with free virgin to virgin calls and texts

      Until you factor in the small amount of capital you can recover by selling your old handset, and buying the latest and greatest every year instead of every 2 years.

      Last edited 08/10/12 6:54 pm

        You can still do this? Just sell the handset you get from the plan... That's what I have been doing for the past 4 years.....
        Year 1 start - Go on a new plan and get new phone
        Year 2 start - Sell phone and buy new one
        Year 3 start - go on new plan and get a new phone

    By the way that big plan 29 is 29/month for 600 worth of calls/texts 1gig of data and free voicemail. Frikken amazing actually for a first smart phone or for anyone who doesn't want to spend buckets on phones. The Gs2 is still quite good

      Agreed, $29 a month is pretty good for something that includes a gig of data plus all the rest.

    Wow, very 2 dimensional review there! Its worth emphasising that Amaysim doesnt have 4g access while Virgin do. The 4g S3 is also a minimum of $750 offline currently as a grey import. Another major point would be the inclusion of international calls and texts as part of Virgin's deal. Lots more information to consider....

    I use TPG (optus network) for $34. I get $1000 call credit (including International) and 3 GB data.

    Btw TPG has $18 plan, gives $550 credit (incl International) + 1.5 GB data. Virgin mobile recentlt reduced cap limits for $29 & $39 plans.

    The $29 plan on the screenshot above shows that it comes with $450 of call credit. If you click on the 'buy now' or 'more details' buttons on the virgin website it shows that you really only get $250 of call credit. Virgin recently reduced their $29 plans from $450 to $250. Looks like someone forgot to tell the person who put this page together.

    No mention of Live Connected a d no contract $12 plan with 500 minutes and 1.5 g of data & on OPTUS have awesome, cheaper SIM ONLY deals too. The LC $35p/m is virtualy unlimited at 3000min a month and unlimited SMS & 4gb of data

    Do any of the cheaper carriers have access to voice2text yet? I find this a key part of my mobile service and I'm happy to pay for it.

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