Increase The Sound Output Of Your Portable Game Systems

If you have a vintage portable game system with bad sound you can buy or scavenge off-the-shelf speakers and amplifiers to improve the sound.

Anton at electronics weblog AVR Noob picked up a Game Boy colour but the sound output from the tinny speakers was so bad he had to use the headphone jack just to hear his game. He wired in a Motorola cell phone speaker which helped but the sound output was still low and there was distortion coming from the power supply so he found a mono amplifier, wired that to a basic circuit board and connected it to the Game Boy along with installing a capacitor to remove the noise from the power supply.

You probably wouldn’t want to do this with your newer 3DS or Vita but if you have a Game Boy, Turbo Express, or Game Gear with bad sound it may be worth breaking out your soldering iron and finding a few parts.

Game Boy colour Loud Sound Mod [AVR Noob via Hack-A-Day]

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