iiNet’s 4G Plans Are Now Live

iiNet’s 4G Plans Are Now Live

iiNet has flipped the switch on its 4G plans running on the Optus 4G network, so how much can you expect to pay per month?

iiNet announced that it would offer its own 4G last month, and now we finally have the plan pricing.

iiNet’s pricing starts at a very reasonable $34.95 for 5GB worth of usage and extends up through $39.95 for 10GB, $59.95 for 15GB and $79.95 for 20GB. These plans come with a 4G USB Modem from iiNet which quite nicely can be used to connect up to 10 devices via Wi-Fi rather than the traditional five devices we’re used to on Optus and Telstra 4G Wi-Fi modems.

You can get the plans without a bundled modem and save yourself $5 per month , but you won’t be able to get yourself the 5GB plan.

All plans carry a 24-month contract period and an excess usage charge of 2c/MB.

Here’s what you can expect to pay in a pretty table:

iiNet’s 4G Plans Are Now Live

iiNet’s unbundled pricing is identical to that of Optus’ 4G plans, and the saving comes from a cheaper bundled modem which can connect more users at once.


  • So does this extend to mobile phone plans? If I’m on say a $20 mobile plan with them and get a 4G phone, will it work over LTE without me doing anything or will I need to contact them to activate it?

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