HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 Keeps Your Data Safe On 1500 More Websites

Chrome/Firefox: HTTPS Everywhere, the browser extension that keeps your data from falling into the wrong hands, has updated to double the number of websites it supports. If you aren't using it, you should be.

We've talked about HTTPS a lot before: it's absolutely essential if you use public Wi-Fi networks and want to protect yourself from identity theft.

The newest version adds 1500 more sites, bringing the total number of supported sites up to nearly 3000. Need we say more? If you're using it, hit the link below to update. And if you aren't using it, give it a try now.

HTTPS Everywhere is a free download for Firefox and Chrome.

HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 protects 1,500 more sites [Electronic Frontier Foundation via Ars Technica]


    Would love to know how the Chrome and Firefox versions compare currently, given that the Chrome version still retains that "alpha" tag. I have been using KB SSL Enforcer for Chrome, which automatically switches all sites over to their HTTPS versions if available, but I'd love to use HTTPS Everywhere once it is deemed "stable" enough.

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