How To Hide The Windows Action Center

How To Hide The Windows Action Center

Windows: Lifehacker reader Ari wanted a highly minimal desktop, so even the Action Center alert flag had to go. Here’s how he concealed it.

Ari explains his dilemma:

I like having a minimalistic desktop, including the taskbar. Imagine my disappointment when I scoured the internet and could not find a method or hack to remove the little white “Action Center” flag. I finally came across a reply which said to right-click between the clock and the next icon at the bottom right, click Properties, and then switch Action Center to “off”. While I was at it, I also turned off “Network”

I have enough wireless reliability issues that the network icon is staying, but it’s a useful reminder that you can strip back many of those desktop icons. Thanks Ari!


  • I don’t really know if this is a big secret… You can click any in that area on the bottom right (from the arrow, next to icons, clock) and access properties or the “customise notifications” screen. Or click the arrow, Customise. Surely anyone that wanted to hide it could easily find one of those options!

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