How To Fix Movies That Are Really Quiet, Then REALLY LOUD -- Redux

We've all been there: You're sitting at home, watching The Matrix, and the dialogue is so quiet that you turn up the volume to hear it, when BAM! An action scene comes in, shakes your floor and wakes up all your neighbours. Sound Lock is a simple app for Windows that will save you from these embarrassing moments.

We've shown you how to fix this problem in VLC (see the video right), but if you're watching movies in another app — like our favourite, PotPlayer, or on your Windows-based media center, you were out of luck. Sound Lock is a new app that fixes this problem with any video player and almost no effort.

Sound Lock sits in your system tray and lets you set the maximum volume for your entire computer, so no matter how loud things may get, you won't wake up your neighbours. Just install it, click on the system tray icon and move the slider down until you reach your desired level. When you watch your movie, the really loud parts should be lowered to the same level as the quiet parts. We know, we know, the volume differences are in there for a reason — but when it's late at night and you don't want to be the jerk that shakes the walls, this is a great solution.

Sound Lock is a free download for Windows only.

Sound Lock


    Now if only I could get my surround sound to handle this! That would be great it's incredibly annoying having to grab the control constantly.

    What a nifty little program... thanks for this. Works well and is easy to use. Makes music normalization a breeze too.

    Windows 7 does have its built-in own loudness equalization if you weren't aware.

    But you guys are right, PotPlayer is BY FAR the best video player. Love it... although, just like Firefox and Android, it takes a bit of user customization to experience its awesomeness.

    Mm yeah because everyone watches movies on their home theatre system using a computer *facepalm*

      I would content that if you aren't watching movies via a PC, then you're doing it wrong!


      Dude, this is lifehacker. Everyone here does.

    People like you are the reason the rest of us can't have any dynamic range in music movies or tv....

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