Hide Unwanted Apple iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking

iOS: Tired of built-in apps like Stocks and Weather taking up space on your home screen when you've got better third-party alternatives you're using instead? The developers behind Rag3Hack figured out a way to hide them so they're not cluttering up your mobile.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit rag3hack.no-ip.org on your iDevice.
  2. Tap Hide Apps without Jailbreak.
  3. Choose the app you want to hide and tap it.
  4. You'll be asked to install a new app/certificate. Confirm that you want to do this.
  5. The installation will fail, but that's supposed to happen. Tap "Done" when you receive the failure message.
  6. Long press an icon on your home screen to enter "jiggle mode" and go find the app you wanted to hide. You'll now see that the app is blank and has the word "Hide" before its name (e.g. "Hide Stocks"). Tap the "X" in the upper-left corner to remove it.

That's all you have to do, and the app will be gone! The downside to this non-jailbreak method is that the apps will come back after you reboot. That said, the process is very easy and most of us don't reboot our phones often, so it's a small nuisance for a little added organisation. It's also a quirk that allows you to easily get your apps back if you need them. If you're just looking to hide Newsstand forever, though, this trick will do a better job.

How to hide multiple app icons, no jailbreak required [iDownloadBlog via Addictive Tips]


    Thanks for the newstand link, used that. Nice and easy.

    Meh, I just put all my unused apps in their own folder and hide it on the last page.

      If I wasn't all OCD I'd do the same, but the problem is I still know it's there! I'd settle for hiding Newsstand in a folder with the rest of the iOS apps, but I can't get stiflestand to work, no matter how I try.

    Or just jailbreak.

    Pretty frightening that a webpage can break out of the browser and make changes to the system.

    Excellent, now my battery will last longer without these useless (to me) apps.

      That makes no sense... Unless you're actually running those useless apps, how would they be using your battery?

        He/she is just another Ill-informed tech user.

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