Hack A USB Port Into A Mouse

If your computer is low on open USB ports then you know the pain of disconnecting everything to free up space. Instructables user liquidhandwash shows off a way to add a USB port to your mouse for easy access.

We've shown you one way to do this before, but this method gives you better access to the USB. To do this for yourself, you'll need a full size USB mouse, a small USB hub, Sugru and a USB pinout. It's not exactly the prettiest thing in the world, but the end result is an easily accesible USB port right on your mouse that doesn't get in the way. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Mouse with USB port (optional internal drive) [Instructables]


    Or you could just use a usb hub, seeing as you need to hack one up to make the mod anyway?

    What a waste of time!

      Except he makes the point that he ALWAYS uses the mouse, and didn't want to carry a hub as it was an extra piece of crap to carry around. He also added some storage inside the mouse, so the mouse itself is now a USB drive, so that is two extra bits of crap he doesn't have to carry around.

      This is a rough hack, but a legitimate one.

      Last edited 03/10/12 2:33 am

    Thats stupid!

    No offence Lifehacker, but this is shit. It is the most awkward looking thing I've ever seen. How is it in any way convenient to have this dopey thing hanging out of your mouse? It makes the mouse unusable.

    Maybe you should try putting it into a keyboard.

    And while you aren't using the mouse a good place to store it is inside your microwave.

      Hahahahahah +1+1!!

    LMFAO, this looks way too goofy to me...

    I wouldn't call this "different for the sake of being different"

    But I would call this "stupid for the sake of being stupid"

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