GoPro Updates With Hi-Def Hero 3

GoPro Updates With Hi-Def Hero 3

GoPro remains the camera to beat in action scenarios, which is why updates remain essential. The newly-announced GoPro Hero 3 delivers on that front, offering improved resolution in a camera that is 30 per cent smaller than its predecessor.

The 20mm thick Hero 3 featyres a platter of improved specs: 20 per cent lighter, able to shoot 4K resolutions at 15 frames per second, and offering frankly ludicrous 8.5MP resolution if you want to shoot stills at 15 frames per second. The new model, which has Wi-Fi built in rather than being an optional extra, ships from next Monday (October 22).

The Hero 3 black edition (that is, the new model) is $US399.99, while the lower-res silver edition costs $US299.99 and the basic white edition (offering a more basic 5MP resolution) is $US199.99. The Wi-Fi remote for the basic editions is $US79.99, which feels like yet another example of decoy pricing.

No local pricing yet, but we’ll update as soon as we hear. I’ll be doing something dangerous and embarrassing with the GroPro Hero 3 in an aquarium off San Francisco tomorrow, so stay tuned for the humiliation.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to San Francisco as a guest of GoPro.


    • With that sensor size that´s the only thing they can do….what lens do you think they could use to avoid the wide angle(distortion) and still have a decent angle of view?

  • considering the HD Hero2 is 400 or so at the moment in stores, i’ll be ordering my Hero 3 from the USA.
    i have been to many shops, and told them straight out, why pay 150-200 more for the same thing.

  • Hey guys do you know if you buy it from the USA will it be different cords to the Australian power points? I havnt got a gopro and really want one but don’t know what to do, get a 2 or go for the new one. Do you know how long approximately they will be available in aus?

  • Hey, want one really bad for my husband for xmas! can someone pretty please educate me on these? I think the silver hero 3 will do him. is there a ridiculously big difference in quality with it and the black? and i’ve seen pricing for about $360 for silver here and 290 in US. What is the difference will buying here or USA? is warranty not covered perhaps?


  • Hey guys, I just saw the Hero3 at the camerahouse at Sydney’s broadway shopping centre for AU$389. So yeah, I think that’s quite reasonable. I haven’t bought it yet, but that’s the price they have it for.

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