Google Opens Up Google Play Magazines To Australia

We griped and moaned when we heard that Google wouldn't offer magazines to Australians via Google Play at the launch of the Nexus 7. Our gripes and moans have been banished today, however, as Google announced the availability of Google Play magazines for Australia. What's the selection like?

Google has mags from ACP Magazines, Pacific Magazines and NewsLifeMedia on the Play store, and many of the subscriptions actually give you the first issue free.

Titles on the store include GQ, Australian Geographic, Rolling Stone, Wheels, House & Garden, Dolly, Money, Better Homes And Gardens and Time Out.

To get Google Play magazines, all you need do is head on over to the Magazines section on Google Play.

From the looks of things, Australians still can't get international titles, but we'll keep checking.


    no AU content though...


      What part of Australian Geographic or Wheels or ??? isn't Australian content?

      If you click the link in the article, you'll find plenty of AU content.

    The list of titles available is fairly limited and from what I can tell more expensive compared to similar offerings from established players such as Zinio who offer both AU and international titles to all. They also have apps for Windows/Mac/IOS/Android.

    Does Google Play magazines allow for interactive content, or is it static only like Zinio?

    When is Google Music coming to Aus?... anyway know?

    Does anyone know if you keep issues after your subscription expires?

    Yet there is still no way for our kids to buy apps on google play. WTF its taking google so long in releasing play cards in Australia?

    I still cannot buy anything. I selected a magazine. Then I was forced to sign up with GoogleWallet and
    register a credit card. Now my credit card is rejected during the purchasing process, with a message:
    "PURCHASE CURRENCY IS NOT SUPPORTED". This suggest to me that Australian credit cards are not accepted, making the availability of Australian magazines pointless!!

    I saved $25 by subscribing to the Australian Vogue with my Google account :-)

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