Google iOS Search App Competes With Siri

No sign yet of a proper Maps replacement for iOS 6, but Google has updated its search app for iPhones and other iDevices with improved voice recognition features. That puts the app in direct competition with Siri, but given the variable performance of voice recognition it's always good to have another option up your sleeve.

To perform a voice search, you tap the microphone button within the app and start speaking; the app transcribes what it thinks you said. Voice recognition performed pretty well in my brief tests this morning, even when I put on a ludicrously strong Australian accent. A nice touch is that if you search for video content (such as a trailer), it will begin playing automatically in a new tab.

The update also resizes the app to work properly on the iPhone 5 and larger iPod Touches. Existing features such as Google Goggles remain in place. See the video above for a fuller demo.

Google Search [iTunes App Store via Official Google Blog]


    Hi - this is great ! No voice for me though ( 3gs) still the results seem very acceptable. :)

    Regarding iPhone 5 and Siri and Talkler. Even with iOS6, and the new iPhone 5, Siri still won¹t do email for me. We need true email inbox management that¹s eyes-free. There’s a smartphone app called Talkler, billed as email for your ears. It's about voice-controlled email that gets read aloud. ¬ worth checking out

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