Google Drive’s New App Names Explained

Google Drive’s New App Names Explained

Google keeps messing with its product names. When Google Drive launched in April, it dropped the Google Docs label for its web-based office suite. Now its word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps also have new individual names.

Documents has been renamed as Docs, Spreadsheets is now Sheets and Presentations is now Slides. The new names make sense and they’re brief, but given that many people still stick to the pre-Drive convention and use ‘Docs’ to refer to the overall suite, some confusion is likely to arise.

Google has also launched Chrome Web Store apps for the three renamed apps, though as Google Operating System points out, these don’t do much more than provide a shortcut to create a new empty document.

One click to Docs, Sheets, and Slides [Google Drive Blog via Google Operating System]


  • I just wish they’d update the Google Drive desktop app, it crashes so often… (or comes up with weird error messages complaining that it can’t find a disk in my empty card reader slot, despite the fact that the Google Drive directory has NOTHING to do with that drive whatsoever)

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