Gmail's New Compose Window Sits On Top Of Your Inbox

Gmail introduced a completely revamped Compose window today. Now, new messages can be written in an overlay on top of your inbox instead of in a separate window.

The new interface is basically the same as Google Chat: when you click Compose, you’ll see a small popup in the bottom corner of your Inbox. From there, you can enter your recipients and write your message while accessing the rest of your inbox.

Now you can reference other emails while writing your current one. It’s a bit simpler than the old Compose screen, but you can still access formatting features and other tools at the bottom of the overlay.

The feature is currently in preview, but you can access it by composing a new message and clicking the “Try It Now” now button that pops up. If you don’t see the option, check back later — the feature should roll out over the course of the day. Hit the link to read more.

Introducing the New Compose in Gmail [Official Gmail Blog]


    Perhaps, you should test this before reporting it.
    I just tried it using all of firefox, ie9, and chrome browsers.
    No separate window or pop-up for me yet.

      Perhaps you should read the full article before posting dribble. "If you don’t see the option, check back later — the feature should roll out over the course of the day."

    Not appearing for me yet either. Will check back later.

    It has had that ability to open a separate window for composing email for years now. But what they have done now has given its users a better user experience. The same as they are providing better security by implementing other new features, one of which is the most important, Two-Step Authentication which allows us to telesign into our accounts. I know some will claim this make things more complicated, but the slight inconvenience each time you log in is worth the confidence of knowing your info is secure.

    It's worth mentioning that Ctrl-Enter works for sending email from the new compose box too. Finally, no more Tab then Enter!

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