Give Your Tired Wrist A Break With A Vertical Mouse

So you've ergonomically optimised your workspace, but your wrist is still having some trouble working that mouse. If your wrist pain just won't seem to go away, try a vertical mouse that completely changes your stance.

Redditor bmaya was having a bit of wrist trouble, so he put together this DIY vertical mouse out of a wooden block, a few buttons, and a bit of electronics work. It isn't pretty, but it works, and if you know your way around a circuit board, it's a cheap way to see if a vertical mouse is right for you.

Of course, if you decide that you do like it, you can actually buy a vertical mouse like the ever-popular Evoluent Vertical Mouse or the slightly cheaper, joystick-like 3M Ergonomic Mouse. If minor adjustments aren't helping your RSI, it could be a good solution.

Built myself a vertical mouse [Reddit]


    i have had major rsi related pain on my right wrist. and i just stopped using the mouse on my right hand. just use it on the left. it helps.

      Been using the evoluent mouse for the past year. It has helped so much tbh.

        I just bought a DXT Ergonomic mouse - it's awesome, and you can use it with either hand...

    It's a hideously ugly hack, but I guess splinters are better than RSI.

    My prior workplace got me a 3M ergonomic mouse and it broke after a couple of months. 3M replaced it under warranty and it broke again after a few months. I gave up after that.

    Regardless of its build quality, once you go vertical, you can't go back.

    I've used and worn out a couple of Evolueunt mice, over the years, now using the Version 4. Takes a small while to get used to them, but now it's not a thing. But when others sit at my desk and try to use it... it's fairly funny to watch :)

    They hand these out to my work places employee's (you'll guess what sort of employer they are from that) like candy, along with everything else OH&S related. If they don't like them after a week they put them in the draw as there is no returns, and then they ask for something different..

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