Get Something Free From Grays Outlet With This $10 Discount

Get Something Free From Grays Outlet With This $10 Discount

Usually discounts are of the “percentage off” sort, so despite saving a bit of money, you still need to pay something — shipping at the very least. That’s fair enough — businesses need to turn a profit after all — but it makes it all the more nicer when a discount comes along that makes it possible to snag a few items for nothing.

Such is the case with this $10 discount offer at Grays Outlet. Here’s the code you need, courtesy of the excellent folks at OzBargain:


Because the discount applies to the total — shipping including — it’s possibly to pick one or two items up essentially for free. To make the process easier, you can view all items under $10, or all items under $5. Though, if you’re willing to spend a little more, I’m sure there are plenty of good deals to find.

There is one caveat — you will have to provide a credit card number during the checkout process, even if the total comes to zero dollars. OzBargain spotted the following snippet from the retailer’s terms and conditions:

2.3 Registration process

In order to be eligible to make purchases using the Service, you must provide details of an acceptable credit card sufficient to make online payments. As part of the registration process, we may charge a nominal amount (AUD$1) to your credit card and then re-credit that amount to the same credit card (which usually takes no more than one week). These transactions may appear in your credit card statement. By registering, you irrevocably authorise us to process these transactions.

Emphasise mine. Unfortunately, this is a required step, so if any of this makes you uncomfortable, you’ll have to give it a pass.

Grays Outlet [Official site, via OzBargain]


  • Bought several things from them, their Sydney location is walking distance from the Olympic Park train stop. Friend of mine somehow got a cafe-sized espresso machine home on the train a few months ago….

  • Considering what Lifehacker is, it might be worth mentioning also that the original source of the code is “That’s Life” magazine. At least make *some* attempt at journalism!

    But anyway, seems the code has expired as at the time of writing anyway. It’s been OzBargained 🙂

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