Get Organised With Lifehacker's Colour-Coded Dropbox Icons

Keeping your desktop, files, and folders organised can be a bit of work, so it helps to have an in-and-out system you can use to always store your work. To make that easier, I created a set of color-coded Dropbox icons you can use to sort all your stuff.

You can see all of the icons above. There are eight colours for the inboxes and the outboxes. Nothing's specifically labelled so you can use them for anything, and they work nicely with Mac OS X's color-coded labels (or an app that adds coloured labels to Windows Explorer). The icons come as a zip file containing an iContainer, OS X folders, and individual icons in ICO, ICNS and PNG format so you should have no trouble using them anywhere. Download freely and use them as you please.

Dropbox Icons [Lifehacker


    The icons look very useful. It would be nice to have similarly colour-coded files and folders, but all my research indicates the the "app that adds coloured labels to Windows Explorer" above is incompatible with Windows 7.

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