Get A Cheaper iPhone 5 Charger By Skipping The 30-Pin Adaptor

Apple's new Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 is great, but it's just so darn expensive. If you're looking to save a few bucks, Bloomberg Businessweek discovered a cheaper cable hidden away on Apple's website.

Apple sells two Lightning-to-30-pin adapters: one that retails for $45, and another that costs $35. They'll both connect your iPhone 5 to your old charging cables, but at an absurdly expensive price. However, Apple sells another, less publicised product: the regular ol' Lightning-to-USB cable, which costs only $25.

You already have a bunch of old chargers that come with USB-to-AC adapters, so the USB cable is all you really need to charge your iPhone 5. It isn't highly publicised on Apple's site, but it's there, and it's better than shelling out $35 or $45 just to charge your phone. Hit the link below to check it out.

Lightning to USB Cable [Apple via Businessweek]


    Has anyone figured out if there are alternatives that are compatible but at a fraction of the cost?

    Also, finally a registration system! yay got my preferred username.

      I work in a phone shop and none of the accessory guys have put out alternatives yet. From talking to them it seems they weren't given a design from Apple untill the phone launched so they haven't yet had the time to put one together, test and manufacture it.

    ummm I'm puzzled. Doesn't the iPhone 5 come with a charger/cable?

      For some of us, the convenience of having multiple cables makes the cost worth it. I develop iPhone apps for work, so I need three cables. One next to my bed to charge, one on my computer at home, and one on my computer at work.

      The battery is lucky to last half a day. Do you know how annoying it is to only have ONE charger that you have to carry around all the time?!

    Is the tech patented so third party manufacturers don't want to touch it because they don't want to pay a licensing fee?

    I still think it was low for Apple to change it so everyone had to change their accessories.

      It probably is patented though I believe the new lightning cables have an authenticity chip built into them to stop people from just copying the pin outs thereby forcing them to licence the design from Apple.

      Gizmodo had an article on it here

      I don't see why it was 'low' for Apple to change it.

      I'm no fanboy, and I'm not particularly impressed by the release of the 5 (though, admittedly, I did (and regret) buy one on contract), but I don't think this is a fair statement.

      Apple are a tech company. Technology is continuously, as it should, evolving.
      In fact, I would be quite upset if a company sat back and said "No, we won't evolve and improve, otherwise our customers might have to buy new adapters".

      Do you see motherboard/graphic card/cpu manufacturers sticking with the same designs?
      Well, until their is a new and improved version, yes, but as soon as improvements are made, they are released. Hence the different CPU sockets and the move from PCI to PCI-e.

    I don't know why people make a big deal out of the connector saying they need to spend money for the charger.... the iPhone 5 comes with the charger. O.o

    If you need other chargers like car charger just buy one specifically for the iPhone 5 instead of using your old charger with converter... just so sick of listening people complaining about the new connector.

    Nokia changed their charger more than 3 times.... noone says anything. Same with other phone company.

      Nokia changed their chargers to MicroUSB. Big difference.

        I'm guessing he means before that change. There was a change from the old school plug to a really thin one.

          I doubt people had various music docks and other accessories based on the Nokia plug. As far as I'm aware the plug for those phones was pretty much entirely only for charging.

          As for "no-one says anything," well I've heard people remark about it plenty of times in the past.

    I don't know how buying a $45 piece of Apple adapter seems difficult, if you've been buying the 'myriad' of accessories you claim you have, in which you have probably spent $500+ in total?

    What, Apple releases a new adapter and all the sudden you're poor?
    Wow indeed.

      It's the comparative cost.

      It's a cable. It shouldn't cost more than ten bucks.

        It's the apple tax- how do you put a price on being cool?

    I think most people would be buying the adapters not for their charger cables but for their accessories. As most people have said, you already get a charger cable with the phone and if you want another cable, you would just buy another cable anyway. It is plugging that phone into your old speaker dock which is one of the main issues I was thinking.

    I picked up a bunch of these in the us for $19 ea. Still over priced but better than the adaptor.

    So at $45, $35, or $25, you basically decide how much you want to be ripped off by.

    $25 for a cable is utterly absurd.

    Mobile European Commission Pushing Micro-USB Standard for Mobile Phone Chargers

    Why is Apple still using it's own standard, now in a smaller version almost micro-USB sized?

      Apple's work around

      One apparent benefit is that it's reversible.
      A suggested reason for not using the micro USB is that it can't deliver 2A for charging (i.e. the iPAD) but I found a spec indicating 1.8A is possible

      AIs the 1W extra (diff between 1.8A & 2.0A) worth a new connector?

        Maybe the new chip allows it to charge with all the pins making it much higher than 2A
        Especially with 8 on each side.
      blog about the connector

    lightning to USB and lightning to 30pin are used for difference purposes. so how could you say get A instead of B?

    if you can't afford apple products, dont' buy them.

    Last edited 04/10/12 11:41 pm

    I agree with Corteks - you had far fewer accessories a few years back. And I stayed with Sony Ericsson for 3 successive phones because I was building up a bank of chargers using those funny plastic clips that they had. It was only when they changed that I "went to market" again.

    Nobody has mentioned the fact that the iphone 5 is more powerful and has a BIGGER battery than the ipad.
    It will take longer to charge.
    Asus make a free program that works on any pc and will make your usb charge so much faster. I just bought "the new ipad" and it charges overnight easily.
    its worth it to make your phone charge faster either way and ++ if you dont have a charger :)

    All of you are going on about accessories the five comes with charger cable I'm sure Most of you still have your 4s like me which I am using on my Bose 321 an my Bose docking station until the adapter arrives . How about concentrating on the problems of the phone first like the talking maps that don't talk ect Not sure about other countries But in Australia If the product Does not do as it is advertised to do you are entitled to a full refund which I'm sure would also apply to contacts being cancelled Enter the phone clearly does not do what it is advertised to do

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