From The Tips Box: Flashlight Apps, GPS Mounts

Readers offer their best tips for using their smartphone as a flashlight, reading their favourite blogs, and mounting their phone on the dash of a rental car.

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Use Your Phone's Camcorder Mode As A Built-In Flashlight

Zorl0x explains why you don't need a flashlight app for your phone:

You can use the flash on an iPhone as a flashlight using the built in camera app. While in video mode, set the flash to "On."

Photo by Gabriele B.

Mount Your Smartphone To Your Car With A Pair Of Sunglasses

Dan Nathan-Roberts figures out an impromptu car mount for his phone:

I recently rented a car and forgot my phone holder. Here is a DIY phone holder for hands-free GPS.

Carefully put your sunglasses into the air vent using the curve for ears to hold the glasses against the dashboard. Depending on the dashboard shape, you've now got a nice temporary phone holder.

Hipster hands-free.

It isn't perfect, but it'll do in a pinch, as long as you don't need to wear the sunglasses to drive (and you're not in a state such as Victoria which only allows commercial mounts).

Create A Public Mashup Of Your Favourite Blogs With Google Reader

Webharsh discovers a cool feature of Google Reader:

A quick way to create a blog mashup using multiple websites RSS feeds is by creating a folder in Google Reader and making it public. Just go to Reader's settings > Folders and Tags and click the little icon next to "Private" to make the folder public.

The main thing this does is put it all together in a nice blog view, which some may prefer to Google Reader.


    For people that are in to ROM Flashing, one really cool feature to MIUI Android is when on the lock screen you can push and hold the home button to make the LED light come on light a flash light, very handy instead of having to enter the app to turn it on.

    On the stock of Galaxy S3 there's the option to put an 'Assistive Light' widget on your home screen.
    It's effectively a button to turn the led on or off.

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