From The Tips Box: Email Hackers, Belt Hangers

From The Tips Box: Email Hackers, Belt Hangers

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for hanging belts, ensuring your email hasn’t been hacked and moving the iPad keyboard in iOS 6.

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Set up a Simple “Hacker Detector” for Your Email

Justagigil085 discovers a dead simple way to find out if your email has been hacked:

Quick way to ensure your email hasn’t been hacked. Add a fake email address to your contacts because, if I’m not mistaken, spammers will just send it to everyone in your address book. When you get the “message not delivered” email, you know something is up.

Probably unnecessary if you have an older email account with an outdated contact list.

Hang Belts in Your Closet with Shower Curtain Rings

Christian shows us another way to hang our belts:

I recently bought some new shower curtain hooks, I reused the old ones as closet hangers for belts.

Move the iPad Keyboard Anywhere in iOS 6

Bst287 finds a hidden feature in iOS 6:

So you can now drag the keyboard around in iOS 6 and position it at different points on the screen. Just tap and drag from the bottom right keyboard button. It’ll split about 1/10 of the way up, but you can pinch it back together to have a full keyboard on other parts of the screen. Pretty nifty.

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