From The Tips Box: Dirty Glasses, Firefox Options And Tablet Stands

From The Tips Box: Dirty Glasses, Firefox Options And Tablet Stands

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for cleaning your glasses without streaks, getting a better Firefox options panel, and keeping your tablet propped up..

Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using the contact tab on the right.

Clean Glasses In Your Sink Without Streaks

Pojken shows us one way to clean glasses without getting smudges:

Here’s my life hack of the day! I got tired of trying to clean my glasses with a cloth because I would always get streaks or lint on it, even with a microfiber cloth. So I figured out a way to clean my glasses without using a polishing cloth that is nearly dry most of the time.

  1. Spray your eyeglasses with soap (or drop some soap on each lens front and back)
  2. Rub the lenses with your fingers under the water until it starts to squeak
  3. Turn the water lower until there are no air bubbles in the stream
  4. Starting from one side, put the top of the glasses against the nozzle and move it slowly until no water droplets are left

I’ve been washing my glasses like this for years.

Bring Back the Old Firefox Options Menu

Moon misses the old-school Options menu:

This probably applies to all versions starting in the teens. Not sure.

I wanted my outboard Options back, so I toggled the browser.preferences.inContent entry to False in about:config.

Now instead of opening in a new tab (whose layout I feel has gotten ugly), it opens in the old way, as its own panel.

I don’t get this in-tab menu on the stable channel, but if you’ve been getting it on your copy of Firefox, this should bring the old menu back.

Turn a CD Case Into a Tablet Stand

Tony Roman finds a use for those old, unused jewel cases:

I turned a CD case into a stand for my Nexus 7 with just a rubber band. Depending on your CD case small modifications may be needed. The Nexus 7 will rest without the rubber band, however the rubber band does add some much needed security.

This should work with other small tablets like the Nexus 7, but larger tablets like the iPad probably won’t work.

Drag Files Into Outlook as Attachments

BishopBlaize finds a much-needed Outlook shortcut:

Tiny tip, but I like it, for Office on Windows 7.

If you drag something from the Recent Documents Jump List to Outlook it makes a new email with it as the attachment, and adds the filename as the subject.

Actually, this should work with any file or group of files from Windows Explorer. Just drag them into your Outlook inbox and they’ll become an attachment. However, jump lists are often forgotten, and it’s probably a surefire place to find that file you want to attach.


  • I’ll try the glasses trick.. the step 4 text description wasn’t very clear but the video helped.

    I’ve found that different types of paper towel do a better job when you are wiping the water way (not using this specific method of course!) and the best ones, for the record, are the cheapest, non-porous ones.. 🙂 Anything that is too spongey or porous tends to leave streaks or lint behind.

  • That glasses trick will probably work, but it looks like it uses heaps and heaps of water. It’s not as the Starks say, but it’s just as dire as their wolves: Summer is coming.

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