Free Wi-Fi Makes LAX Customs Queue Much More Tolerable

I doubt Los Angeles Airport is on any Australian's "favourite airport list", and a big reason for that is the inevitable lengthy queue to get through US immigration and customs procedures. There's nothing fun about queuing for an hour, but it's rather less hassle now that you can use the airport's free Wi-Fi on your mobile while you stand around.

We reported on the free Wi-Fi offer for LAX last month, but I was a little surprised to find that the service does cover the arrivals hall as well. While you're warned not to use your mobile phone to make calls or take photographs in the customs hall, no-one seems to care if you text or browse.

I spent 45 minutes going through LAX customs yesterday morning (just short of the point where you get charged to use it), and caught up with my RSS feeds and email. It made an inevitable but annoying part of the trip more productive, and it's much cheaper than roaming.


    I'd clicked on this just to say, ummm, you mean you were ON YOUR PHONE whilst queueing for customs? Isn't that illegal? Surprise -- apparently not. (!?!) Go figure. I wonder if it's just another example of laws not having caught up with technology, or whether they really don't care if you browse the net whilst waiting for luggage and customs clearance.

      Most customs areas are a secure area, and forbid the use of phones & cameras.
      This includes Sydney, SFO, and LAX, last time I was there.
      That said, the article s right - nobody seems to stop people. And half the arrivals hall tends to be on the phone coming in to Sydney

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    Netflix on the ipad while waiting here we come.

    Nice view from the AA first class lounge.

    Was at LAX on Tuesday (MEL-LAX). It took eleven minutes (I timed) from disembarking the plane to standing at the curb. That's heading through customs, picking up bags, navigating an airport for the first time...

    The tricky bit was figuring out what terminal was next, and then spending three hours at it. Every time the 45mins was up, I'd trade from the SIII to the Nexus 7 and spend another 45mins on the web.

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