Free Online Computing Science Course

Here's a nifty addition to our Lifehacker U roundup on online training courses: the University of New South Wales is offering its introductory computing science course online for free.

You won't get formal accreditation for the subject, but it's a good option for boosting your knowledge and working out if you want to pursue more formal studies. The course is being offered via the Open Learning site, and is said to require just five hours of study per week over 12 weeks. Get more details at the link below; the first course starts today!

UNSW Computing 1 [Open Learning]


    Another good site is coursera which hosts similar initiatives by universities in America they run courses ranging from cryptography to behavioral studies.


      So I highly recommend this course

    I might actually do this. 1 more month until I finish school and then I plan to defer a course in computer science/ software engineering while I save up money. This will be a great headstart. Will also do me wonders if I fail to get into the course I want and have to get in the hard way.

    Is it too late to register and start the course?

    Signed up, looks good so far, and the lecturer is defiantly good.

    I'm just about to complete the real version of this course and it has been absolutely fantastic, definitely recommend this if it's anything like the real one.

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