For Apple Devices, We Prefer Black

The colour of your phone, tablet or MP3 player matters a lot less than the tasks it performs, but that doesn't stop fervent debate over what makes the most suitable choice. An analysis of click patterns on Apple products by price comparison site Idealo suggests when it comes to Apple gear, black now reigns supreme — but it does depend on where you live.

Idealo's analysis suggests that overall, 69 per cent of customers click on black Apple products. That dominance was most pronounced with the iPhone (which, as the most popular choice, influenced the overall result), and least apparent with the classic iPod. In two European countries (France and Italy)

The data is from Europe, so Australian habits could obviously vary, and clearly other factors could be at play; if you know the price doesn't vary by colour, you might well click on the black option simply because it appears first. What influences your colour choices for phones? Tell us in the comments.

Apple gadgets in black or white? – a European perspective [Idealo Blog]


    How many of those white products were sold because "I'm sorry we are out of the black model"?

    Got a white iPhone 5 because my last few were black. How unoriginal of me

    Black or white is not a real choice. It's like asking someone which direction they want to go in when entering a lift (elevator). " You can go wherever you like, as long as it's up or down".

      I do not think you understand what a choice means.

        I know you don't.

          You can have a black phone or a white phone. Sounds like a choice to me.

      "Black or white is not a real choice" - Of course we all know that Apple have already sold us a particular colour because of their manipulative marketing. We just don't know it yet. It's not a choice, it's just a gesture of kindness...

    As someone who sells phones, I was surprised to find that the more popular choice for the iPhone 5 was white. But then, it is a much nicer looking handset than the black this time, so I guess preferences can change.

    These are the questions that keep me up at night.

    I don't think people really care whether they buy a black or white iPhone. Most people will try buy one but if it is sold out I don't think that it would deter them from buying an iPhone. I bought a white iPhone 4s because three of my friends were buying black iphone at the same time and there were only 3 Black iPhone's left.

    Does anybody think that white or black iPhones are a little bit gender based? I very rarely seen guys with white iPhones other than myself!

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