Fake DealsDirect iPhone 5 'Offer' Is A Very Obvious Scam

Another week, another Apple-related scam. This currently-circulating message (with a faked DealsDirect sender address) is a solid example of the principle 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. With iPhones at full price in short supply, why would anyone sell one for $150?

That said, there's an even more obvious indicator that it's a fake: the link in the email goes to some kind of football betting site (guessing from the URL). Notice also that 'iPhone' is capitalised incorrectly and the weird price format. Scam, pure and simple.


    I don't know why scams are so substantially cheaper. Why not go for a $600 "bargain" to lure in more people, and claim more profit?

      Apple already run that scam *bah dum tshhh*

      Last edited 11/10/12 2:45 pm

    Scam or not, that's too good a price to miss out...!

    "But the nice Prince from Nigeria said the iPhone5 would arrived with a suit case containing $1.5Million dollars from my Black uncle (Even though I'm Chinese), if I gave him my visa details"

    I suppose they are targeting Apple users!


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