Facebook Nanny Blocks You From Visiting Facebook Unless You Have Notifications

Chrome: The web is full of distractions, but none are more distracting than Facebook. If you find yourself particularly drawn to wasting time on Facebook, this Chrome extension will block access unless you have notifications.

If Blocking Facebook entirely seems like overkill to you, Facebook Nanny is a good middle ground. If you have notifications, it'll let you respond to them, and you can always visit your profile or send messages if you need to. But if you don't have anything waiting for you, it will block you so you can't just sit around on your News Feed, where the real time wasting takes place.

If you find you need a more aggressive blocker, previously mentioned Nanny will do the job.

Facebook Nanny is a free download and works wherever Chrome does.

Facebook Nanny [Chrome Web Store via AddictiveTips]


    Was about to install it, but concerned that it can read all my FB information. I know that's kind of necessary for the thing to work, but I don't know what else it might do with that info.

      What else COULD they do with that info?

        once the info is sent elsewhere, they *could* do whatever they like with it.

    "Have I got notifications? Damn... *refresh* Damn... *refresh* Damn... *refresh*..."

    If you're desperate enough to visit Facebook, you can simply disable the app.

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