Dealhacker: Get A Free Slurpee From 7-Eleven

Free Slurpee. Need I say more? 7-Eleven is running a Slurpee giveaway in November, but the process to score one is a little convoluted. Here's what to do.

From today, you can sign up for a voucher for a free Slurpee on the 7-Eleven Facebook page. The voucher will specify a date when you can collect your Slurpee, between Wednesday November 7 and Thursday November 11. The vouchers are dated to ensure stores aren't overwhelmed with freebie seekers on a single day.

The voucher is good for one small Slurpee. Take up to four kids under 13 with you and they can have a freebie as well. As I write this, the signup page hasn't been activated, but I suspect it will be very busy once it goes live (last year 7-Eleven gave away 270,000 litres of Slurpee, so keep checking.

7-Eleven [via OzBargain]


    Is that not meant to be "Sunday November 11"?

    I fondly remember last year; some friends and I went on a "slurpee pilgrimage" and hit about 20 stores before we decided we were slurpee'd out.

      Yeah, they are changing it- too many people do slurpee crawls and caused chaos, swamping stores on '7-11 day' and lots of stores ran out. sad though- slurpee crawls were fun. Now, there is this system so that everyone who wants one gets one.

    So I need facebook to get a free slurpy now? No thanks.

    Going to a conference this Friday - free drink for lunch!

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