Create A Self-Destructing Message In Google Docs

When you need to send sensitive information to a friend, you don't want that info sitting around on their computer for all time. Tech blog Digital Inspiration shows off a simple way to send a message that self-destructs after 10 seconds using nothing but Google Docs.

The self-destructing message uses a Google Apps Script and a spreadsheet. After you enter the information you want, share the Google Doc with a friend, and after they click the link they'll have 10 seconds before the information is erased. We've talked about the variety of ways to send sensitive information online, and you can add this to your toolkit. Head over to Digital Inspiration for the Google Docs script and guide.

Send Self-Destructing Messages with Google Docs [Digital Inspiration]


    Hit Ctrl+Z, and your "secret" message is back!

    I doubt that this will get past the revision history.

    I usually open links in the background and get back to them later. In this case, when I got back to it, it would be gone. Doh!

    not much use.

    Last edited 16/10/12 5:02 pm

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