Comfortably Carry Multiple Plastic Shopping Bags With A Carabiner

If you walk to the supermarket you've no doubt noticed how the thin plastic bags given away for free can cut into your hands if they have more than a couple of kilos of items inside. If you have a carabiner you can carry several of these bags comfortably without the plastic handles digging into your hands.

Reddit user lathesand shares how a climbing carabiner can hold several bags, but you can also use the cheaper keychain type. Also if you carry a Swiss Army Knife many have a small package hook that can also serve to carry one or two of these bags.

Either way it beats going up five flights of stairs with six bags trying to flay the flesh from your hands.

The one trip trick: 50 pounds of groceries and living on the 5th floor [Reddit]


    I always used to use a stick to relieve the pain of plastic bags. I use sturdy reusable heshan bags now so there's no need

    I saw a similar hard plastic device advertised recently. I wonder how well this would work in places that have banned plastic bags?

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