Coffee Prices: Stable Nationally, Down In Sydney

Take it from me: living in Sydney isn't cheap. So it's pleasing that a national survey found that the cost of a takeout coffee in Sydney has actually dropped in the last quarter.

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Overall, the Gikatho Cappuccino Price Index found that prices were generally stable compared to last quarter, but fell 12 cents in Sydney. However, prices in most cities have gone up over the course of a year, with the exception of Canberra.

City Average price Change over quarter Change over year
Adelaide $3.44 no change rose 7c
Brisbane $3.48 rose 1c rose 5c
Canberra $3.37 fell 1c fell 4c
Hobart (new) $3.61 - -
Melbourne $3.37 rose 1c rose 16c
Perth $3.88 rose 1c rose 16c
Sydney $3.16 fell 12c rose 5c

The main impact on coffee costs isn't the raw ingredients, but labour and transport, Gikatho calculates.


    Wow, $3.16 in Sydney. I am in Sydney and I haven't paid that little for about 10 years. Maybe we need to separate this study per region as well as city, then you would see an entirely different picture.

    My work recently jacked up our coffes from $3 to $3.60. Big jump but for a very long time we had very cheap coffees.

    Still $3 at my uni though :)

    I work in the city and my average cup is actually $2.80! Can Make it $2 if I visit a couple of places during happy hour!

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