Build A Wooden Cage To Corral Stuffed Animals

Does your kid have too many stuffed animals? Are most of them are usually not played with anyway? Build a fun zoo cage to confine the animals in one place and restore your sanity.

Belgian crafting blog Veetje doesn't give plans for building the zoo cage, but it seems to be a pretty easy project to figure out — build the basic box frame with piences of timmer and drill holes in the middle support frame to fit wooden dowels as the cell bars.

The Zoo [Veetje]


    Damn, the hardware was all out of "piences of timmer"

      I have some you can buy. My prices are very reasonable considering how rare piences are.

    Love it! Definitely building one of these this weekend for the boys...

    How long before PETA make a flash game about this!!! It is deplorable. Locking up stuffed animals without imaginary food or water! Shame on you LH!

    Watch out - I can see PETA's 'Lifehacker Animal Hackers' poster now. They're very sensitive.

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