Bring A Powerboard To The Airport

Bring A Powerboard To The Airport

Airports often have charging stations for laptops these days, but getting an outlet can still be a challenge. The solution? Travel with a powerboard so you can easily share with others.

Photo by Mike McCune.

We’ve long included a powerboard on our list of business travel essentials and made the point before that having one makes it easier to share outlets at conferences and other locations such as airports. Redditor jaspersurger raised the point again recently, and it’s an idea worth remembering.

If there’s only one outlet available, sharing is a no-brainer if you can offer a powerboard. The one context it’s less helpful in is when overseas, but at some airports you’re likely to find other Aussies who are happy to share as well.


  • the only people who will be willing to share your powerboard at an airport are the over powered morons running security and by share i mean confiscate with a side or terrorism accusations…

  • When travelling overseas, taking a powerboard and just one international adaptor is a much cheaper way of having multiple usable power outlets in your hotel room.

  • The next question (at least for Australian airports) are which airports are powerpoint friendly? Sydney Kingsford Smith International has (as far as I have seen) no docking stations, so one is forced to wander around for power points. Often they’re not near chairs or tables, so one is forced to either sit down next to the power point on the floor, or try to drag a row of seats to the power point. (Of course I am not including the airline lounges in this.)

  • I was once told off at the Adelaide airport for charging my iPhone on a wall socket. I was told it was only for approved (tagged and tested) equipment. After the guy walked away I plugged it back in and kept charging… buuut I can understand how they could be worried about some things being plugged in that could be potential fire hazards.

  • I do this all the time… have a powerboard in my bag with everything already plugged in… I always feel really dodgy sitting against the only wall with a power point labelled “staff use only” or something, pretending my backpack isn’t in fact plugged into the wall <_

  • I see this all the time and wonder why. You are travelling somewhere to get away from your normal routine.

    Turn off your phone and enjoy life (yes, there are miracles of flight just outside the window), people watch, talk to somebody (even if you don’t know them), do NOTHING for a change.

  • considering that the airport fees are included into price of the ticket, i wonder why airports can’t install a reasonable number of electric sockets at terminal and why at some placea you also need to pay for luggage cart

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