Boost Mobile Will Close Next January

Boost Mobile Will Close Next January

If you’re a Boost Mobile customer, get ready for some major changes. Optus is shutting down the youth-oriented prepaid brand on January 20, 2013.

If you’re an existing Boost customer, you’ll be able to continue on your current plan after that time, but you’ll be treated as an Optus customer. Boost has always been owned by Optus and used its network, so that’s not likely to make a huge difference to your experience.

Optus’ announcement says it wants to consolidate its prepaid customers onto a single brand. Despite, it will apparently continue to operate Virgin Mobile, which offers both prepaid and contract options.

In the current market, Boost isn’t especially competitive, and its very high rates for casual data and use of 10MB increments have made it increasingly irrelevant. Its $40 per month unlimited calls and 3GB of data deal isn’t terrible value, but Amaysim offers more data (4GB) on the same network for the same price.

Update: As a commenter helpfully points out, Telstra plans to pick up the licence for the Boost brand. No word yet on how customers who want to switch from Optus Boost to a new Telstra Boost account will do so, but I imagine details will emerge before January.


  • I just switched from Amaysim’s unlimited plan to Boost’s $40 unlimited prepaid because Amaysim’s MMS APN for android doesn’t work.
    I’m a little bummed that I’ll be porting again in only a couple of months time. Hopefully Optus pre-paid will have a comparable product by then.

  • As it says above, if you’re already a Boost customer your rate plan will stay the same but technically it will be under the Optus branding.
    The change will only really affect new customers

    • but then the next paragraph reads “Optus’ announcement says it wants to consolidate its prepaid customers onto a single brand. ” Which lead me to believe that “continue on your current plan” meant post-paid plans.

  • Boost was never owned by Optus, they were shareholders (hence why it was sold in stores) Boost will switch to Telstra from next year. this article is very factually lacking!

    • Not true either. Telstra started licensing the boost brand after Optus chose to stop doing so (the Telstra move happened after I wrote this). But while Optus was licensing it, it did in effect own Boost Australia; it wasn’t a “shareholder”.

      • Maybe my wording was wrong. Optus never “owned” boost. They had a partnership which included their rights to licence the brand as you said. If boost was “owned” by Optus as you said then they would simply end the brand (like Voda have done with 3) rather than let something they “own” sign a deal with Telstra don’t you think? It has to have been some complicated arrangement that saw Optus controlling something they in effect were not the owners off.

        • For anyone still reading this thread. The company I work for, has been hired by Optus (we do mystery shopping and audit jobs for Optus) to make sure all Boost stock is removed/destroyed.

          Optus sent us the information regarding their relationship with Boost, so I am able to explain the reality of the situation.

          Boost was set up in Australia by a fella named Peter Adderton in 2000 and Licenced Optus to use the Boost brand name, used on the Optus Mobile Network.

          In 2012, Optus cancelled this agreement, and the licence expires of 21st January 2013. After this date, my colleagues and I have to visit all stores in Australia that stock Boost products and destroy $2 sim cards, and inform the owner of the store to return all other stock for a recharge.

          Sim cards will no longer be able to be activated after 21 January.

          So, that’s the situation folks.

          Hope that’s a help 🙂

  • For those that are still interested, you can head over to the new boost site, and check out the FAQ if you are interested:
    As far as the argument over ownership goes, i think the website sums it up pretty clearly:

    Q: Who owns Boost Mobile?
    A: Boost Mobile is a privately owned business.

  • Thanks for all the info provided on the ownership of Boost. I have a question regarding finding any mobil phone store where I can actually go to in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia so I have my phone upgraded on the $100 free upgrade so I’ll be able to maintain my service. Since I prefer to maintain a flip style phone the only one available is a $20 free upgrade. That’s fine with me but all t he phone stores I’ve gone to say they are not involved in thata because they don’t believe that Boost will actually reimburse them for the cost of the phone. Any suggestions?

  • So I guess no one has any info available regarding a store where I can go and get my phone upgrade. Since the deadline is May 28, 2013 I guess I should start shopping around for another phone and provider. I have already checked into Cricket who does offer all the new phones with apps etc and plans that start at $35.00 per month, (I got that one for my mom already and it works great but the battery dies out fast) and for $50.00 per month for the unlimited talk/text/internet/walkie talkie etc…and bluetooth ready so I guess I’ll get one for myself as my replacement. Total cost of start up for the $35.00 monthly plan with new phone etc., is only $79.87 and they are local so if I have any problems I can go right in and get it addressed without having to talk to someone in the Phillipines, Brazil or anywhere else that really is not able to assist me. Thanks anyway!

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