Atooma Automates Almost Anything On Your Android Phone

Atooma Automates Almost Anything On Your Android Phone

Android: Atooma offers complete control over your Android phone’s sensors and components with programmable activities. The intuitive interface lets you automate such things as switching to Wi-Fi, silencing notifications, and even read incoming SMS messages aloud.

We’ve covered a few apps that let you build triggered events for your Android device, most notably Tasker and Llama, but the learning curve for both of those tools can be a little steep. Atooma aims to give you the same level of control over your device without the struggle to learn and master dozens of operations and triggers. It’s like IFTTT because creating activities is as simple as filling out “IF [X], DO [Y]”, where X and Y correspond to triggers and activities you choose.

Filling in those triggers and activities is as simple as selecting from a icon-based menu of options, each of which asks you for more information if it’s required. For example, if you select “location” and “GPS”, you’ll be prompted to select the map area you want to trigger the event. The UI is simple to master, and if you’ve been intimidated by or just don’t need the extreme detail that apps like Tasker offer, it’s worth checking out. Best of all, it’s completely free and available to download now at Google Play.

Atooma [via GigaOM]


  • I’ve been playing with Tasker and On{X} to do one (I thought) simple task:
    Turn on airplane mode when I’m connected to my home wifi network. (I have no signal at home and it drains the battery if I forget to turn off the cellular radio.)

    I was getting there, but it was hard work.

    I did it in Atooma within three minutes of installing it!

    Battery use seems normal, too, with it running.

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