AppDJ For Android Guides You To New And Useful Apps

Android: If you're looking for a new and better music player for your Android phone, or if the app you love is shutting down and you need a replacement, AppDJ is an app discovery tool that can help.

Most app discovery tools try and guide you to apps that are popular (or apps that the developer is getting advertising dollars from), but AppDj takes a different approach. You specify the types of applications you want, and AppDJ offers up suggestions based on those preferences.

For example, if you're looking for popular productivity apps, slide the "productivity" and "trending" sliders up. If you're tired of work and want to look for games, slide up the "entertainment" slider, and bring the "trending" slider down to find some of the newest additions to Google Play. You can tweak the preferences at any time to refresh the list. AppDJ is free, and a great way to explore the world of Android apps.

AppDJ [Google Play via Addictive Tips]


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