185GB Of Data At The AFL Grand Final

Variations in signal quality don't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of photo-sharing AFL fans. According to a just-issued Telstra press release, a total of 2.4 million data requests adding up to 185GB were made at the MCG during the course of Saturday's AFL grand final.

Picture by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

When we tested 4G signal quality two days before the big match, we found that both Telstra and Optus had much better signal on the northern side of the MCG. Regardless, our appetite for data seems much higher: according to Telstra, it was just 53GB in 2011. Call volumes in the area were also up, with 193,000 made between midday and 7pm, compared to 83,000 in the same time frame last year.


    Funny that because mine would even work...

    I thought that I would try to get data just to confirm that it's still the same, yep, no Telstra data on NextG. I could get a trickle off 2G. I'm sure 4G would have been OK but I don't have 4G, it will be interesting to see how well 4G holds up next year. In all honesty even with 4G Australia is very much behind the 8-ball when it comes to data at major events. The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas have designed their stadium WiFi to cope with full capacity, and because it is WiFi, it takes load off the carriers mobile networks.

    185GB of mobile data at Telstra's prices... that's enough money to fund a medium sized country...

      I don't think that a medium sized country could run off $2880 ($180/12GB recharges x 16 = $2880/192GB).

    On casual data rates this is $2/MB * 185000 MB = $370,000

    How people forget that most people have say 1gb included in their cap. Only crazy people use mobile data off tap at $2/MB, but then again they are normally confined to the bill shock group.

    so foot ball was so boring that people had to play with their phones.

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