Work Out In The Morning To Curb Your Appetite Later In The Day

A morning workout could be the key to effectively managing your portions and curbing your appetite later in the day. One new study pointed out that a good morning workout reduces your motivation to eat, which means you're less likely to hit the fridge and load up on food.

Photo by Terry Robinson.

The Brigham Young University study, published in the October edition of the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, put normal-weight and overweight participants through a 45-minute exercise regimen every morning, and then showed them pictures of food, compared to people of the same weight who were shown the same pictures but didn't work out. The researchers measured their neural activity when shown the food, and participants who had exercised actually showed lower brain response than those who hadn't.

Granted, the study used a small sample size (35 women), and the 45 minutes of exercise was treadmill walking, so there's definitely plenty of research to be done here. But if the implication is that morning workouts will keep us from pigging out in front of the fridge for breakfast or overeating at lunch, it's worth considering. Exercise often makes you more hungry, so it may sound counterintuitive, but the researchers explain how it works in the video above. Hit the link below to read more about the study and methodology.

BYU Study Says Exercise May Reduce Motivation for Food [Brigham Young University via Greatist]


    I find if I work out in the morning I'm more mindful of what I eat throughout the day because I don't want to undo all my hard work. But others' may have a different psychological view where they use their exercise as justification to allow themselves to pig out.

    Personally I reckon this study is a load of rubbish. When I exercise in the morning, particularly when I ride to work. I get quite hungry and will eat more regularly from late morning into early afternoon. Maybe im just the freak that falls outside of the border lines for this study.

    Same here. When I was running regularly in the morning, I was so hungry mid-morning, and had raisin toast or banana bread most days. I never lost any weight, although that wasn't my goal (I was training for a half-marathon).

    I train twice a day and normally pig out after the morning session and at lunch then hold off till after the second training session after work. Then go through the process of stuffing my face again after the second session of the day.

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