Word 2013 Makes Adding Rows And Columns To Tables Much Simpler

Word 2013 Makes Adding Rows And Columns To Tables Much Simpler

The updated version of Word 2013 in the Office 2013 Consumer Preview doesn’t have many major changes to the interface, but there are some welcome tweaks. One of the more useful is the ability to easily add rows and columns to tables.

In Word 2010, you have to right click on the table or select options from the Layout tab on the ribbon. In Word 2013, you can hover near the edge of a row or column and a plus sign appears. Click it and a new row or column is inserted. Very handy.

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  • I’ve always been an Office user… started using Apple’s iWork suite recently. Can’t say which is better, they each have their strenghts – but the ability to use formulae in ANY table wins. Office needs to implement this, I don’t want to have to insert an excel spreadsheet object every time.

    • Word 2010 does support a number of functions for non-Excel tables. When your in the table, click the Layout Tab which appears. You’ll see the Data section, which includes formulae.

  • Dobt mean to apple boast, iWork has had an awesome one for this for a while, where option(alt) and a directional arrow will add a new col/row in direction of arrow.

    Been in iWork for 2 years now and think its amazing… Appart from a very convoluted overview/paragraph hierarchy function and no support for reference citing

  • just spend several minutes trying to delete selected rows in a table, half the time i clicked on the fershlugginger add row plus sign and added instead of deleted. how can i turn this crazy thing off?

    • Oh my gosh, same!!! This is frustrating. Did you ever find an option where this can be switched off? Or is there an easy ‘delete row’ feature which doesn’t involve trying to get past the pesky ‘plus row’ pop up? Any help appreciated!

    • AGREED! For me, this is the most irritating feature in a whole list of “let me think for you” features. I can’t imagine that the way I use Word is so different from anyone else, but Microsoft very rarely guesses right at what I’m trying to do. This feature is particularly loathsome since it apparently cannot be disabled. The plus sign gets in the way every time I try to select a row or any cell in the first column or adjust the table width by dragging the edge of the first column. Sure, I know I could select the column, right-click, table properties, column, width, then guess at the width in inches… TURN IT OFF!!!!!! So irritated.

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