Why Nokia And Motorola Are Stalling On Australian Release Plans

Why Nokia And Motorola Are Stalling On Australian Release Plans

Both Nokia (the Windows Phone 8-equipped Lumia 820 and 920) and Motorola (new RAZR models) launched phones in the US overnight. We know that Telstra will eventually get the RAZRs, but not how much they’ll cost, and Nokia isn’t disclosing any Australian release plans or pricing. Australian release delays are hardly unusual, but in this case there’s a particularly clear issue: the forthcoming new iPhone.

Nokia’s official local comment on Australian plans is the usual non-committal stuff:

Nokia Australia is not confirming any details of local market availability at this stage. Exact details of launch dates will be made available closer to the time of launch.

We hear this all the time, but in this case there’s a very obvious immediate factor: the imminent announcement of iPhone plans from Apple, which is happening on September 12 (the early hours of September 13 in Australia). Gartner analyst Carolina summed up the issue neatly in a tweet:

Lack of detail on pricing & availability from Nokia gives room to adjust once they know what HTC and Apple are doing and get it right

Hardware plans can’t change, but pricing certainly can. And from that perspective, hanging back makes sense (for both Nokia and Motorola).

Any crumbs of compensation while we wait? Well, Motorola has confirmed that the RAZRs released in Australia will have unlockable bootloaders. Hack away!


  • This is why I made the jump from Nokia to Apple many years back; releases with no actual release-dates, phones promised local release that never happnned, and releases that never made it to an actual release anywhere.

    As much as Apple annoys me, they at lease ship phones to AU around when they promise. I think the Nokia I was looking to get eventually landed in AU 18+ months after they “released” it.

    • ^^ I second this, i must applaud apple for the secrecy around their product then launch them at or within a week of announcement, not to mention they capitalise on the hype by doing so.

      With product globalisation now if you treat your customers as second best expect to be perceived by your customers as second best.

      As much as i dislike apple for their business strategies they did get this right, and deserve to be the no.1 phone in Australia.

      shame though because this new nokia has potential, to bad by the time it is available in Australia it will be old and outdated, just like the original lumia launch.

    • ??? they’re good with release dates when they’re actually releasing something. you don’t even know if/when they will release a new product. oh yeah remember the iPhone5 that everyone was waiting for last year?

    • Exactly as Bill said, especially with the Nokia announcements. Even for the US, there was no pricing or availability given (other than a vague “sometime in the fourth quarter” announcement). Furthermore, Nokia even mentioned it was still having issues marrying Windows8 to the hardware.

      It was almost as if Nokia and Microsoft tried to get some PR before Apple unleashes the iPhone 5 next week…..

  • When the say it will be a telsta (or insert telco) exclusive I am really not interested. This makes me mad as a consumer I want to choose whom I am with not my hardware maker when I purchase not when its old and outdated.

    • You have the option of buying it outright if it is really that problematic and then getting prepaid, or signing up to an MVNO. Just keep in mind it is the way things work. An analogy would be one TV channel (e.g. Channel 9) being able to broadcast a certain program/series (e.g. Olympics). It’s a part of business

  • Does anyone really care if Nokia release their phones in Australia? Their share price dropped 16% after their ‘announcement ‘. Clearly, investors do not care much.

  • Idiots. They get paid big bucks for seriously poor decisions. They have the chance to occupy a marketplace with new release phones and no competition. People buy and compare with what is on offer. No they wait until the marketplace is more crowded and hope to make killer sales.

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