Whereis iOS Maps App Adds Celebrity Voices

Apple Maps bites right now, so it makes sense that other iOS mapping providers are pushing out updates. I'm not sure the addition of celebrity voices (in the form of Dame Edna Everage, Jennifer Hawkins and Nick Giannopolous) is going to convince too many people to download the latest version of the Whereis app, but even if you don't fancy a 'Wog Boy' moment in the car, it's a solid (and free) turn-by-turn navigation app.

Telstra customers don't get charged for data used by the Whereis app; if you use another provider, keep an eye on your data limits. Whereis is a free download for iOS devices.

Whereis [iTunes App Store]


    I've been using this on my iPhone 4 for a while now and works well, also no data charges on telstra is a big plus. Have noticed however that it runs a whole lot better on my girlfriends 4s so must be demanding on the processor.

    LOL this is awesome, having Dame Edna give me directions, I just hope I don't laugh too much and concentrate on the road. On the other issue, I don't think Apples maps is that bad. I don't particularly like the colour scheme, but it works well and will be even better in October when it has turn by turn, something Google would never let Apple use . As for street view, I hardly use it and for the odd time I do, I downloaded the free Live Street View app. Problem gone.

      Ok, I had a better play with Apple Maps, the routing logic kinda sucks. It doesn't pick the best option, in that its not even available, and the alternative routes are just plain silly. I guess I'll stick to Tom Tom or may even use Whereis and listen to Edna.

    Typical misleading headline, none of those people are celebrities ;-)

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